Sunday, April 10, 2011

A letter to a gaming addict:mr.RY

"Dear" Ruoyu,

Seriously,everything about you is now Maplestory!Go Shawn Kit's house also still want to play your precious Maplestory...then still lie to me about your thumbdrive containing some virus which is actually just your Maplestory again,just that its on the go with you...EVEN BETTER ==''.And now even your Facebook display picture and wallpaper is MAPLESTORY!?And plus you do weird screenshots on your Desktop...I think you get what I mean.I don't think I can help you much but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go do something else more meaningful...Exercise?Its not good for your health to sit around on your chair staring at the computer at being so despo to level up your other characters and waste $10.70 on 10K @Cash...You'll get piles very soon like this ==''...Why not go out with the rest of us and bond as a class better?Well ONE thing I can help is to remember to bring her along whenever we go to outings together :D I have always believed that Love can do Miracles and pull you out of this ridiculous and idiotic and foolish and stupid addiction.

The person whom you love to piss off the most during ADMT periods,
Lovy Lim

PS.Seriously not kidding,you got to kick that damned game addiction of yours...=='' I used to be addicted(to Audi not Maple) and spent ALOT on @Cash alone...

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