Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cyberwellness - Gaming

Dear Ryan,

I have realised that you are addicted to gaming i.e. Mousehunt. Playing online/video games as a pastime is okay, but whenever I come to you during our free time, I only hear you talking about Mousehunt. Too much video game playing makes you socially isolated.  Also, you may spend less time in other activities such as doing homework, reading, sports, and interacting with the family and friends.  Video games do not exercise your imaginative thinking.  Using imagination may be important in developing creativity. Video games distract you from your studies and you can't do well in your exams.

As a friend, I think you should forget gaming and start hanging out with friends and play sports, which are a good exercise. Come back to the real world, from the virtual one.

Your faithful friend,
Abhimanyu Arora

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