Monday, April 11, 2011

Fwd: Letter to addicted gamer

Subject: A letter to a ADDICTED GAMER
From: Ishani Saha <>
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=0016364eebb2e7a9bd04a09edcc6


Your Infatuation with MAPLESTORY is really becoming out of bounds -.-''. You
are SO infatuated with MAPLE that your macbook wallpaper has maple
characters, your FB picture is about maple and ALL YOU TALK ABOUT IS MAPLE
==''. Let me ask you something, is there anyone who plays maple nowadays?
The answer is NO! People play Blackshot now :D! Uh wait, what was I trying
to say? STOP YOUR GAMING NOW. There are many other things you carry out
activities like sports,class outings,hanging out with your friends,family
time etc. etc. Oh! You can even spend time with her instead of gaming ;D. I
can even bring her to you ;)

☛ Ishani ^^;;

Disclaimer:This is intended for 'Fun'. I am not responsible for any injuries
or deaths :D

Tags: Humour, Romance, Harsh, Reality, Gaming

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