Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learning CE: Activity 3 - Gladys Foo (03)

Some traits of a good leader are being just and impartial (fair and not biased), a good role model (someone who others can follow), team oriented (taking care of everyone), good listener (able to listen to others' problems and opinions), have good communications skills (able to communicate well with the people he/she is working with), have responsibility (hand in work on time, punctual and able to take care of the people around him), approachable (someone who is able to approach and discuss things with) and have confidence (believe in him/herself). 

A good leader manages crisis under stressful situations calmly and peacefully without panicking. 

One example of a good leader is the first and longest serving Prime Minister of Singapore, Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew. It was all because of this leader, that Singapore became a thriving first world country in a short period of 30 years. Others include Barrack Obama, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Gandhi.

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