Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Cheng Shu Yu Mavis (1)

1)A leader must have emotional stability. Good leaders must be able to tolerate frustration and stress.They must be well-adjusted and have the psychological maturity to deal with anything they are required to face. Leaders are often times competitive and decisive and usually enjoy overcoming obstacles.They show confident in their thinking style as well as their attitude in dealing with others. 

They are active, expressive, and energetic. They are often very optimistic and open to change.They are generally quick and alert. Conscientiousness,having a very high standard of excellence and an inward desire to do one's best,being very self-disciplined are some of the traits too.Self-confidence and resiliency are common traits among leaders.Good leaders are practical, logical, and to-the-point.

2) I think good leaders think of the positive side and maintain calmness in dealing with the crisis . They would be optimistic and strive continuously without a sense of giving up. They would convince everyone and let everyone be inspired to do things others would not have thought that it is possible.

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