Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gaming Addiction

Dear Ryan,

Recently, I have heard from my friends that you are addicted to gaming on the computer, in particular to a popular game on Facebook, Mousehunt. I am writing to you to advise you against this. 

Firstly, excessive time spent on the computer will harm your eyes, and it is also not good to sit down for too long. Secondly, this will take a heavy toll on your studies. Thirdly, your relationships with your family members/friends will also be affected(I noticed that you rush home everyday after school and don't talk to me so often). If you spend too much time on gaming, your parents will most likely not be pleased, resulting in the them scolding you. In return, you would not be happy as you do not want your parents to control everything that you do, and you want more freedom. You will end up quarreling with your parents, affecting your relationship with them. You will also hurt your relationship with your friends as you would want to stay at home to play computer games instead of hanging out with them. 

So what if you reach the highest level/rank in the game(eg. Mousehunt)? Does it improve your eyesight? Does it help your studies to improve? Does it improve your relationship wit your family member/friends? I will leave you with these questions and I seriously hope that you will ponder on what I have said. I also hope that you will correct your mistake. Playing computer games is no sin in itself, as long as you know how to control yourself.

Your Friend,

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