Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A good leader are people who can lead others with pride and confidence. They must have necessary teamwork skills and must be team oriented. Leaders will take responsibility in organizing the members and never back down in face of a challenge. They have faith and trust on his team and will not have a "I'm the boss" attitude. They will relentlessly correct others and themselves to let each of them stretch to their full potential. He strives for excellence and will be a good role model for everyone to learn from and be a good leader themselves one day.

Leaders will stay calm and think of ways to solve the situation. They will let the team voice out their opinions too.  A good leader will also not abandon the team when they are in trouble but stand united with his team, going through all the hardships together. He will then try out the best solution, placing his faith on it. But even if all else fails, he will still stay strong, pulling through the situation as a team, and bringing up their morale when they are down. Without a good leader, everything would collapse.

Lam Jiajun(13)

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