Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3- Chan Shawn Kit(10)

1) They are able to communicate well with peers and other people and sticks with only one kind of leadership so that anyone who trusts him/her is able to look up to his/her guidance. They also make decisions consistently and treats everybody equally, meaning that they do not let personal feelings sway them from making the correct decisions. He/She is also and encourager, and always stay optimistic infront of their peers. Leaders also never defects critism towards the team, and shares successes equally with everyone in the team. He/She also knows how to set the enviroment, such as his/her mood.
2)Leaders in stressful situations know how to ultilise the talents of those around him/her. He/She also knows when to stop working or managing and take some time off to cool down. He/She is also able to break up his/her work for the day into parts so that it will not be so stressful when viewing the day's work. A leader can control their own mind to hold down their frustration and think sensibly in stressful situations.

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