Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter to an addicted gamer

Dear friend,

                  I understand that you really like to play games especially those online, however, going beyond the limits is never good, especially when you become addicted to something.

                  As I have known you these few years, to me, you are one 'good' gamer. You always beat me with the games and when I was at level 0 of any game, you would have already been at level 20 or above. This shows that you have been spending long tiring hours playing these games and 'conquering' the virtual world. While these hours could have spent on extra practice, exercise, good times with your family, your studies and even sleep, instead you chose to play games and waste your time on them.

                    Yes, I know it can be fun and happy to you for 'conquering' the virtual world but, have you ever thought of the consequences? Have you ever thought of how your future would be like when you spend so much of your precious time doing such things? Have you ever thought of your studies and how disappointed when your parents find out how you abused their trust? Have you never reflected on yourself and your actions before? If so, then you should really start thinking about it.

                    Even if you need help with your studies and getting out of this addiction, I will always be here to help you but whether you will accept my advice will depend on you. I have already done what I could and the next step to your future can only be determined by you and only you can determine your own future.

Yours truthfully,


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  1. Dear Ms Lim,

    You may delete this post as I have posted a new one. :D