Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cyber Wellness letter- Zhi You

Dear Zhi You,
 I am really concerned about your addiction to gaming as you have gave up lots of time just to play some computer games that only gives you a moment of pleasure and you have spend lots of money to buy stuff for benefits in the game. However, what you gain is just what you regard as entertainment, a way to reduce stress momentarily. To me, gaming is like a drug that makes you addicted to it and you just cannot stop the desire to continue to play it. The price for it is even higher than drugs, your priceless life and time is all being sacrificed. To help you get out of this addiction, I shall asking you out play basketball regularly to exercise with you a to help you with maintaining the healthy lifestyle of both of us. Then, to improve your academical studies, I shall teach you sometimes when you have problems in your studies.

Yours faithfully,
Wang Yi Chieh 

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