Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Wang Ruoyu (22)

The traits of a leader

-Willing to help others when in need

-Brave and courages to stand up to injustice

-Treat all his people fair and equally 

-Have to right mind set

-Listen to people's opinion   

-Able to make the right decision   

-Be responsible for each and everything he does

-A good role model

-Able to ensure that his people completes the tasks that he assigns 

-Have good communication skills

-be confident in himself and his people

A good leader must be ale to think under stress and make to right decision based on what he think is correct and not act on his emotions, in order for a good leader to act the correct way under stress he must first clam himself down and not let emotions get in the way of his thinking as emotions may cause him to make to wrong decision then he must find the best way to the solve the problem he is facing

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